what size soccer ball for 5 year old

What Size Soccer Ball for a 5-Year-Old Little Star? + Top Picks for Tiny Champions!

Does your 5-year-old have a case of soccer fever? They're not alone! Soccer is a fantastic way for little stars to get exercise, develop coordination, and learn teamwork. But before they hit the field, you'll need to equip them with the right gear – starting with the perfect soccer ball.

Why Size Matters:

Adult-sized soccer balls are simply too big and heavy for young children. A smaller, lighter ball will be easier for them to control, kick, and dribble. This builds confidence and makes learning the game more fun!

The Right Size for Tiny Champions:

For 5-year-olds, a Size 3 soccer ball is the ideal choice. These balls are typically around 23-24 inches in circumference and weigh between 300-320 grams. This makes them manageable for little feet and allows them to develop basic soccer skills without feeling overwhelmed.

Where to Shop:

Here are some popular retailers where you can find a Size 3 soccer ball for your child:

  • Sammy SK Football Store: check out our Kids Soccer Ball: adidas Unisex Starlancer Club, Size 3-5 (Durable, White/Pink)
  • Department Stores: Department stores with sporting goods sections may also carry Size 3 soccer balls.

Bonus Tip: Look for a ball made of durable materials like synthetic leather or PVC. These materials can withstand the bumps and bruises that come with young players learning the game.

Let the Games Begin!

With the right size soccer ball, your little star can start their soccer journey with a smile. They'll be dribbling, passing, and scoring goals in no time! So lace up their shoes, grab their new ball, and get ready to cheer them on from the sidelines!


What Size Soccer Ball for a 5-Year-Old Little Star? + Top Picks for Tiny Champions!
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