10 Things That Are Considered 'Normal' Nowadays That Older Adults Are Tired Of Seeing

10 Things That Are Considered 'Normal' Nowadays That Older Adults Are Tired Of Seeing

From endless hours scrolling to tipping culture, there are a lot of things we do every day that feel pretty normal at this point. But I recently started to question some of these common practices when Redditor u/-----Diana----- asked the r/AskOldPeople subreddit to share the social norms that exist today that they disagree with. Here are just a few that Gen X'ers and Boomers can't stand.

  1. "People posting their entire lives online. Probably excessively private, but it's really crazy how people are so willing and even eager to broadcast their personal lives to the world. I don't think people fully appreciate how possible it is to string together little details from multiple sources and form a detailed picture of someone's life. That should scare people."

  2. "Children having access to social media. I think nothing good comes of it. Other parent friends have no issue with their kids scrolling TikTok or being on WhatsApp groups."

  3. "I'm really not comfortable with all the ads for betting and sports book platforms."

  4. "Not being willing or able to just be superficially nice in social settings. Sometimes it's okay to just be pleasant instead of making your unique and specific viewpoint heard."

  5. "Kids (and some adults, but mostly kids) with tablets or phones at full volume out in public. No interest in hearing other people's games, videos, music, or phone conversations."

  6. "The widespread inability to spell words correctly or use them properly (e.g. their, there, and they're). And don't get me started on grammar."

  7. "Being around others while obviously sick. It’s been normalized because we have a garbage safety net that doesn’t allow people to take care of themselves financially and not make others sick. Or allow them to be off work to care for sick children. Forty years ago, when unions were strong, there were lots of sick days in lots of jobs, and people were mostly able to stay home. There’s always been a segment of the working population that got screwed, but now more than ever, we need generous sick leave policies in place for EVERYONE."

  8. "Disagree with people being dismissive because I am old. Have at least one more sucker punch left in me for the next ‘OK boomer’ comment I get in person."

  9. "Ghosting people, both professionally and personally. This is only appropriate if you’re in a dangerous situation where your safety is at risk. Otherwise, it’s a cowardly and inconsiderate way to handle a situation. If you need to break away from any kind of relationship or commitment, you need to tell the person/people so they don’t waste time waiting on you or wondering what happened to you. It’s common courtesy, and ghosting shows a huge lack of consideration for everyone involved."

  10. "Declarations of 'body count' to dating partners. Don't like the violent implication of the term, and don't like intimate history being tallied like a score."

And the list goes on. Older adults have plenty to say about the changing norms in today's society. What are your thoughts on these "normal" behaviors?

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